Zoetis: The Cattle Journey
Digitizing the sales journey

Zoetis was looking to better educate internal teams about their complex and constantly evolving product portfolio. To enable this, we worked with them to build a simple digital tool that aligned their products along the Continuum of Care for cattle.


As the world’s largest animal health company, Zoetis has a wide range of solutions to address issues that may occur throughout the lifecycle of an animal—an offering so complex and nuanced that both employees and customers needed help grasping it.


Zoetis asked us to develop a solution that would help them educate audiences that included customers, in-field technical experts, and internal R&D teams.


In order to simultaneously educate and drive innovation, Zoetis needed a digital tool that would align these products with different stages in the life of cattle.


We developed a flexible experience that allows users to go on their own interactive journey along the lifecycle of an animal. Our tool moves users step-by-step from birth to harvest, providing them with practical, actionable insight along the way.


Working in close partnership with species leads, we built a detailed representation of a healthy and productive animal lifecycle for the dairy and beef sectors. To reinforce the importance of the product portfolio, we identified all of the most important health challenges at each stage and matched them with capabilities from Zoetis.

User Experience

Designed to resemble a blueprint, our UX team curated an intuitive digital journey that enabled users to seamlessly navigate between species and life stages—helping them understand production challenges and the corresponding solutions Zoetis offers.


After first creating a prototype of the tool, we ran user testing across the organization to pressure test and fine tune the tool’s functionality. This process led us to incorporate functionality that streamlined the experience without sacrificing important details. This included adding the ability to toggle between the current portfolio and the organization’s long-term vision for the product pipeline.


To help users understand the intricacies of production, we created highly contextual images that depicted each stage of the journey. Our unique line drawing style was both eye catching and practical. It was also easy to adapt for regional nuances such as animal species and differing product portfolios. New iconography was also crafted to reinforce specific health concerns.



Our ability to master complexity and bring the product portfolio down to earth has transformed what had been a long-list of products into a valuable asset for Zoetis. The Cattle Journey has expanded knowledge, provided clarity, and concentrated efforts in support of meaningful product innovation. We’re now working with production and companion animal teams to roll the asset out across species.