UJA Federation of New York: Holiday eCards
A customizable eCard for holidays and more

For the holidays, UJA Federation of New York needed a customizable eCard that would allow their supporters to send messages to loved ones, starting with Rosh Hashanah.


The first holiday, Rosh Hashanah, was fast approaching. UJA needed an easily adaptable solution within a narrow 3-week timeframe that would not only work for Rosh Hashanah, but would be available to customize for any holiday in the future.


We set out to create a completely modular, web-based template that would give both UJA and their supporters an opportunity to send unique messages of love and tidings to family and friends via email, no matter the occasion.


We knew that the key to success on this project was simplicity—as the more complicated a digital experience is, the harder it can be to customize. After discussion internally and with the client, we landed on a one-page approach that would allow for an adaptable headline and easy-to-follow steps before the scroll, with card options below and a final call-to-action centered on giving.

And for this to be a truly simple experience, we needed to make it easy for users as well. After selecting an eCard, we planned for users to be prompted immediately towards writing their personalized message before entering an email and sending.


Utilizing the UJA logo and brand colors, as well as friendly illustrations and celebratory imagery, we created a header that could be customized for any occasion and four eCard options that, upon selection, would bring users immediately down the page towards entering their personalized message. We also provided users the ability to send their message to more than one email.

Upon the arrival of different holidays, this template allows UJA to enter different eCard designs and change copy on the site header—helping their supporters send eCards all year round for holidays, birthdays, or any occasion.


  • Average of 8 cards sent per person
  • 324 sent during the week of Rosh Hashanah


visitors to the eCard site over 3 days