Launching the latest innovation in Livestock diagnostics

In 2023, Zoetis launched Vetscan Rapid Mastigram+™ — the first on-farm mastitis diagnostics that uses a simple lateral flow test to find mastitis cases in the time between milkings. Vetscan Mastigram+ finally gives farmers what they need to confidently treat mastitis without wasting milk or disrupting workflows.


As diagnostics are new to many dairy farms we were tasked with targeting an industry that could be hesitant to embrace new tech or processes. It was clear Mastigram+ would be a game changer for dairy farms, but its success required a global campaign that promoted its ease of use and most importantly how the test kept the farmer in total control.


We conducted strategy workshops and global market research to develop the products positioning, creative and go-to-market strategy. The result was a global campaign that put the farmer in charge, with straightforward messaging and bold creative.


A successful campaign had to promote how easy Mastigram+ was to use and, most importantly, how the test put the farmer in total control. We held strategy workshops to align on benefits, brand positioning, and key elements of the brand. Then, based on our findings, developed a brand and sales strategy with a messaging framework that emphasized the product’s simplicity, impact on profit and health, and reduction of antimicrobial use.


To ensure that the campaign would resonate with both veterinarians and farmers, we conducted a global market research study to test three creative concepts. While veterinarians responded equally well to all three, “Treat mastitis on your terms” was the clear frontrunner amongst farmers. They also responded positively to the overall creative, noting that it was “eye catching” and “dramatic” — and we knew we had a winner.


At the center of the campaign was the Mastigram+ website, designed to showcase the product and how to use it. To enhance the approachability of the new product, the website also included helpful resources and testimonial content, so veterinarians and farmers could hear from their peers and easily access support.

Visit Mastigram+


Because veterinarians are the primary distribution channel, the sales enablement collateral was designed to support them in their conversations with farmers. We created a series of videos, one-pagers and brochure to explain the features and benefits of Mastigram+, visualize the usage steps, and guide treatment decisions.

Mobile App

To further support the test’s ease of use and give farmers control, we designed an app that allowed them to record their results, as well as track any positive mastitis cases and treatment decisions.

Brand Video

We created a compelling video to showcase the product in action, convey the benefits it offers, and demonstrate the technology and science behind it. It combined 3D animation and live action footage to develop accurate and authentic farm materials.



  • The VETTYS Awards® Best New Product or Service Launch Campaign: Gold Medal
  • The VETTYS Awards Best Large Animal Campaign: Gold Medal
  • The VETTYS Awards Best Large Animal Print Ad: Gold Medal