March for Our Lives
Driving action through thoughtful UX

March for Our Lives is a student-led organization that advocates for gun control legislation. To honor the 5th anniversary of the Parkland shooting and the protests that followed, they organized marches across the country. March for Our Lives needed one central website to house information about the legislation they were supporting and rallies they were holding in five key states.


March for Our Lives needed an impactful, effective site with multiple calls to action. While the main goal of the website was to encourage people to rally with them, it also needed to encourage donations and other forms of engagement. So our job was to design and develop a website that was user-friendly and well organized enough that it could foster multiple levels of involvement without detracting from any of them. And we had to do it in just 6 weeks.


We came up with a user experience that illustrated clearly the various ways people could get involved. We focused on what was most important in a way that didn’t minimize the other calls to action. The website showcased the progress that’s been made while also igniting people to mobilize for current issues.


Good UX increases the likelihood that users will take action, so our strategy centered around the site UX. We prioritized the four calls to action — rally with us, donate, sign a petition, and stay connected — to determine the site structure and ensure the emphasis was on the rally. We incorporated a donation pop-up, a proven way of increasing donations, and other best practices to make the site more user friendly and effective. And we figured out an engaging way to show the movement’s progress and demonstrate to supporters that their involvement makes a difference.


March for Our Lives is a passionate, hopeful, student-led organization, but they’re also fed up with the lack of progress on gun control and the continued frequency of mass shootings. The tone of the creative needed to reflect this, so we had to strike a balance between optimism and the frustration we know our supporter base holds. We designed a website that was serious, but also geared toward youth. We used bold, bright colors and illustrations, and we introduced a new, web-friendly font that embodied the feel of the movement.

Website Execution

Based on their demographics, March for Our Lives supporters are more likely to access the web from their mobile devices, so we took a true mobile first approach to ensure the site was user friendly and impactful on smaller screens before moving to desktop. The opening animation succinctly captured the progress over the last 5 years, setting the tone for the website and immediately establishing the importance of their involvement. The flow of the website focused on the rally, but also made sure to emphasize the other ways that supporters could get involved.