Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ
Raising brand awareness across a community

For the largest Jewish non profit in New Jersey, expanding their reach and helping more people involved refreshing their brand and making it accessible for everyone.


Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ (JFEDGMW serves the Jewish community of 5 counties in New Jersey—offering invaluable assistance and volunteer opportunities that have enriched lives for almost 100 years.


But with detailed involvement in countless initiatives and programs, the public at large didn’t understand exactly what they did or how donations were used, potentially hindering the contributions of future generations.


To refresh the organization in the minds of an entire community, Fwd People embarked on a brand awareness campaign that would bring clarity to the mission and purpose of JFEDGMW.


Through a deeply meaningful campaign concept and a cohesive, strategic execution, we were able to communicate the beauty of what JFEDGMW does for their community and increase engagement across all age groups.


We began with a short phase of discovery interviews in which we spoke with people involved in JFEDGMW from multiple angles. Once understanding the immense undertakings of the organization and the nuances of their target audience, we developed a creative campaign that spoke to the heart of their services—sharing the intrinsically Jewish values of healing the word and nurturing family and community—while elevating and re-defining the brand purpose for their audience.

Digital Activation

Since JFEDGMW communicated that they especially sought to engage adults with young families who had recently moved to the area, we created the campaign with a primarily digital focus and executed across social media, a landing page, and a welcome series of emails. Making sure to capture emails at the top and tail of the landing page, we separated sign-ups into three segments: new donors, those who had previously donated, and those who had yet to donate. Recipients were sent targeted emails depending on which segment they fell into.

Interactive Engagement

To further increase engagement and educate audiences on all the good JFEDGMW does, we created a Value Sharing Generator that allowed users to enter a series of time or monetary donations and see the impact each amount could have on their community. Animated illustrations, striking images, and engaging UX drew users in as they participated in this simple yet informative journey.


  • Website traffic increased by 118%
  • 66% increase in traffic to the JFEDGMW donation page

Total donations increased by


for the campaign duration