DFP Partners’ Rebrand and Website Design
A fresh rebrand and website for market-leading financial experts

For over 40 years, the organization formerly known as SDDCO Group has been an industry leader in financial accounting and compliance, serving clients across the United States. But to reflect their growth, they needed a new brand and website that would exhibit their expertise and stand out from the competition.


As the business expanded their services, they wanted to reflect their new group status, and so they changed their name to the SDDCO Group. Over time, they learned that the market had not adopted the new name–finding it convoluted and difficult to say. In addition, they were being outshone by competitors concerning the sophistication of their branding, as well as their digital presence. They came to Fwd People to help consult on their business name, and then deliver a new visual identity and website.


We delivered a modern visual identity that would represent their status and growth while maintaining the founding roots of the organization. After a robust naming process we renamed the organization to DFP Partners, an acronym that reflects the partners who still lead the business today. This would allow us to bring the brand into the present while representing the people-first approach that allows DFP Partners to serve the best interests of their clients.


We met with key stakeholders from across the organization and spoke to their clients, to dig deeper into what working with DFP Partners means to them. We then conducted a competitive analysis and audited their existing communication. With the market opportunity identified we conducted a series of workshops to help position DFP Partners–landing on the most opportunistic points of difference, reasons to believe, and benefits of working with DFP partners.


Since we were working with team members who were not familiar with branding, we knew that being a good partner to them involved bringing them along in the process and giving them a voice as we made decisions. We conducted a Creative Calibration session to help us do this–working through a series of exercises that we developed to settle on brand characteristics and tone of voice.

Logo & Brand Development

After learning everything we could about DFP Partners, auditing their current materials, and finalizing their new name, we developed a brand identity that would both modernize the brand while representing their legacy of expertise and leadership in the financial field. We created designs that could move seamlessly into a new website and all digital channels, and then pulled this through with detailed brand guidelines and a suite of both new and refreshed marketing materials.


Alongside creating a new brand for DFP Partners, we designed and developed their new brand website to ensure all pieces of the new visual identity would work well in a digital environment. Starting out with a UX design that was based on their key audiences, we wove the messaging and brand narrative into a seamless hierarchy that tells a clear and compelling story for each sector of clients they serve.