Animal Health
Living and breathing animal health

Animal health is more than just an area of expertise for Fwd. It’s a passion that has both inspired us personally and cemented long-standing partnerships with some of the world’s leading animal health companies.

Our experience


Working seamlessly from brand development to demand generation (as well as from global to local), we’ve built brands for once-in-a-lifetime product launches and reinvigorated legacy brands with new spirit. In one moment we’ve directed photoshoots, and in the next we’ve facilitated global strategy workshops. From canine, feline, and equine, to poultry, cattle, and aqua—we’ve run the gamut of both species and products.


And, in our 10+ years working with companies like Merck Animal Health and Zoetis, we’ve learned a thing or two about an industry that we’re proud to serve.

Balancing science + emotion


The tension between feelings and facts has always challenged B2B brands and compromised creativity. This can be especially true in animal health. But the need for a human connection is even greater when you consider the love that owners feel for their pets, or the passion that farmers share for their herds.


We apply our own affinity for the things that motivate animal health buyers to develop compelling ideas built on the rational and emotional benefits that drive purchasing decisions in this industry. Our nuanced approach enables brands to expand their creativity and breakthrough in competitive markets by winning both hearts and minds.


Case Study: Bravecto
See how we redefined expectations for Merck Animal Health’s extraordinary new flea and tick treatment

Advancing with purpose


Gone are the days of purchasing decisions based solely on product selection or price. Brands must connect their daily business to a higher purpose and demonstrate how they make meaningful contributions to their customers’ lives. This is especially true for animal health companies, who are charged with addressing some of the most significant issues of our time ranging from food security and sustainability to global warming.


An added challenge for animal health companies is ensuring the significance of their overall mission manifests itself at the product level, where most customer interactions still occur. To account for this, we always start by looking beyond the immediate functional benefits of a product to find its wider societal impact. Only then can we develop a positioning that authentically connects with the company’s overarching purpose.


With this purpose and positioning defined we can then partner with global and local teams to build out campaigns that bring this strategy to life through engaging creative that is reflective of a customer’s real-life experiences.

Promoting a more integrated approach


As animal health companies seek to enhance their value, portfolios have evolved to encompass diverse pharmacological and digital capabilities. The race is now on to effectively integrate hundreds of offerings and deliver forward-thinking solutions that cut across the lifecycle of an animal.


Fwd excels at cutting through this complexity to streamline customer experiences and reorganize legacy capabilities so that they fit within a future facing portfolio. Our relentless pursuit of practical simplicity and real-world application is helping to make the world’s largest animal health portfolios more relevant, insightful, and valuable for both customers and employees alike.


Case Study: The Cattle Journey
See how our interactive tool transforms innovation and customer experience for Zoetis

Global brands with local appeal


Building global brands with universal relevance and appeal is easier said than done. Avoiding confusion and inconsistency as creative is tailored to local cultures and regulations takes time, sensitivity, and commitment. The challenge is intensified when competitive advantage in hotly contested categories necessitates swift rollouts in all key territories.


Our approach involves and empowers stakeholders from the very beginning to unify regional teams behind a common vision with commitment and momentum. Our ability to support these teams as brands move from global strategy into local implementation helps us cultivate the original energy of the brand development process to make a greater impact in-market.